005/2024- Manager (Mechanical) -Kerala Electrical and Alied Engineering Company Limited

006/2024 -Manager (Civil) -Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering Company Limited

011/2024 -Assistant Manager (Finance) -Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering Company Limited

015/2024-Geologist (Gr.M7) -Malabar Cements Limited

016/2024 -Deputy Mines Manager (Gr.M4)- Malabar Cements Limited

027/2024 -Deputy Manager -Steel and Industrial Forgings Limited

032/2024 -Manager, SIFL Machining Unit, Shornur -Steel and Industrial Forgings Limited

KCCL-14-R-0013 Operator (Fitter)

KCCL-14-R-0015 Operator (Fitter)

KCCL-14-R-0016 Operator (Fitter)

KCCL-14-R-0017 Operator(Turner)

KCCL-14-R-0018 Operator (Electrician)

KCCL-14-R-0014 Operator (Electronic Mechanic)

KSEDC-15-R-0036 Operator Trainee (Welder)


Select Lists

  1. Kerala State Ex-Servicemen Development and Rehabilitation Corporation (KEXCON))
  2. Managing Director – Kerala State Textile Corporation Limited 
  3. Managing Director -Travancore Cochin Chemicals Limited
  4. Managing Director- Forest Industries (Travancore) Limited
  5. Managing Director – Kerala Minerals & Metals Limited
  6. Managing Director – Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd
  7. Managing Director- Traco Cable Company Limited
  8. Managing Director – Keltron Electro Ceramics Limited
  9. Managing Director – Autokast Limited
  10. Managing Director – Kerala Automobiles Limited
  11. Managing Director -Kerala State Cashew Workers APEX Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. (CAPEX)
  12. Managing Director – Kerala State Mineral Development Corporation Limited